What’s this new Plane Meditation Technique? [Know it Here!]

Today we are going to check out about the Plane Meditation. Okay, it’s pretty understandable that this technique is a meditation therapy that you perform while you are on the plane.

It does sound insane to me, but is it really good for you?

Haha, and should you try it on your next trip?

Meditation Or Entertainment

What’s this new Plane Meditation Technique?

Some of you might hate traveling in planes, and how do you guys kill time in there?

By pretending to be asleep, do your official work, or simply watch an entire movie or TV Series!

Halloo Netflix!

But what if say that you can also do another thing which is equally and more peaceful. Yes, meditation is the answer.

If I had the choice to opt between meditation and entertainment, I would definitely go with the entertainment. Like who really wants all peaceful and quiet while up in the air!

But you can try out something new this time, by choosing the meditation. I tried it, and it went really good!

Airplane Meditation

So, how does the Plane Meditation work?

Make sure that you have started off the process before taking the seat on the plane. Many airports have dedicated yoga rooms for the people who are facing pre-flight nervousness. You can choose that room, and get some benefit and peace for a while.

The second tip that you can try is Focussing on your breathing. No matter where you can stand, try inhaling and exhaling long breaths and try it for about 8 times. You will find yourself calmer than before.

The third point to note is the Posture. Take a comfortable position, make sure that there is nothing blocking in between your feet. Keep some space between both the feet, and you could also remove out your shoes and relax. Get the best comfortable position before the plane takes off.

The fourth step will be to close your eyes, and repeat a few positive sentences like ‘I am safe’, ‘I am calm’, and ‘I am at ease’. You can choose any of them or even create your own. Keep on repeating the sentences for 10 to 15 minutes, and feel the difference.

That’s how you meditate on a Plane! You can also install a meditation app on your phone and follow the instructions as given on it.

Effects of dance and music on child development

The early methods of talking evolved into today’s complex languages. People of different region invented different languages. Poems, songs, dance-forms, traditions, beliefs, etc. all developed after this.

Even today singing and dancing have kept us together. From an early age, we learn to recognize rhythm, pattern, movements, etc. Young children get attracted to soothing sounds. They also learn to imitate dance moves by just watching.

Dance and Music on Child Development

what are the long-term effects of songs and dance on a child?
Do you know how these activities impact you and your child?
How do singing and dancing affect a child’s life?

To answer these questions let us go through a list of facts related to singing and dancing:

  1. Brain development:

    Young children do not have a fully developed brain. Their brains are still learning about how the universe works. Most children develop the ability to differentiate faces, emotions, and body signs by 7 months. Hence, soothing music can be helpful to develop a healthy mind.

    Dancing is a part of the physical exercise, by which a baby needs to strengthen his/her weak body. Dancing is a frolic activity. Children enjoy it more when joined by a parent. So, singing and dancing can be an opportunity, not only for the mental health of baby but also for bonding purpose.

  2. Problem-solving capabilities:

    Small babies are curious about their surroundings. Songs and dances can help them grasp the environment in a better way. The classic A,B,C,D song is a good example. While listening to it, a baby can enjoy and also learn. This way, problem-solving abilities can be developed in a child. Ultimately, it has benefits of music in child education.

  3. Development of a bold personality:Personality Development

    The musical wizard, Mozart had started performing publicly by the age of 6. This shows that his interest in music taught him to present himself without fear.

    Likewise, even today it is known that singing and dancing are able to remove stage fear from children. Regularly listening and practicing recreational activities can help children to become responsible adults.

  4. The health benefits:

    Apart from mental health, singing, and dancing help to maintain a healthy body. Singing is a good cardiovascular exercise. The repetition of syllable “Om” is known to keep many respiratory illnesses at bay. While dancing is beneficial for muscular activities. A sharp mind with an agile body is everything a child needs, to stay away from obesity and other diseases.

  5. Career option:

    Now singing and dancing are not competitive traditionally. It is simply something which humans have been doing for centuries. In today’s world, exceptional singer and dancers can find fame. They can become a youth icon to shape our future. Now we also know that not everyone will be able to taste that success. Yet, a child can take up a career in these fields. It is only possible if children get a healthy exposure to these activities by their parents.

Songs and dances have so many effects on your child. Which was the last song you and your child sang together? Comment below and Share with your children and relatives.