Arlo Pro Review – Best Rechargeable Wireless Security Camera

Arlo Pro is Netgear’s high end, weatherproof, and wireless camera. It requires a minimum expenditure of three hundred euro for a single camera and a base station. Once it is set up then it is easy to use for your home security. The device is certainly expensive if you own large property and you want to keep an eye on outdoors then it is brilliant.

Arlo Pro comes with a cloud storage plan that records seven days of recordings up to five cameras. It consists of a long-lasting rechargeable battery, wireless mounting options, and a cloud storage free for one week. Setting up things is very simple as loading the rechargeable batteries into each camera, connecting the base station, and syncing the cameras to the base with the Arlo App.Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

The main feature of Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera is that you can install it anywhere either indoor or in outdoors without any worry to drill a hole in your wall. The bottom part of the camera allows you sit on any horizontal surface.

Setup and Usage

Unlike other security cameras that connect to your internet connection, the Arlo Pro should be connected to the nearest base station. The process is a bit lengthy. You need to plug Arlo Pro hub into the router with the ethernet cable connection, then press the sync button. Lastly, press the sync button present on the camera.

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Once you watch the live camera feed through the mobile application then you will know the set is complete. Arlo Pro records for 24/7 and It comes with four predefined motion detection modes that can be selected in the Arlo Application.


Testing includes two camera kit that comes with Netgear base station. This connects directly to your router through the ethernet cable and serves as both a dedicated extender and a private camera network. According to Netgear, the camera talk to the station through the wireless connection that can use only when the connection made is within 300 feet.

Further, setting up things are easy like loading the rechargeable battery into each camera. Then, connect to the base station, and sync the cameras to the base with the Arlo App. The Kit comes with two mountings plates and it is fixed on the wall with the horizontal position. Adjust the position of the camera after the installation.Features of Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

Features of Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

The manufacturers of Arlo Pro is producing an ideal piece of security cameras with ultra-advanced features that can prove out to be a great use. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best features of this wireless camera.

  • It is wireless. So, you can install it anywhere without the worry of wire extension.
  • Arlo Pro is Weather Proof so that it is safe to place outside.
  • It is a rechargeable device with cloud storage support.
  • Arlo Pro provides Cloud storage feature to use free for one week.
  • This security camera is best for the household as well as professional purpose.
  • It lets you record the video in high quality.

Arlo Pro is an efficient device and it is useful for the people who want to keep an eye outside their house. It is recharging based equipment and needs charging after every 4 months. Further, you can get more information related to Arlo Pro camera from our website Jonathan Jeremiah.