Highest Attended Soccer Matches in U.S. History

The Atlantis United has kept all the attendance records for the second year in the league. It holds the attendance records for the average number of audiences to the biggest of the matches like MLB. A lot number of people turned up for the 2018 MLS Final than the number reported for the Super Bowl at the same stadium, played two months later.

Talking more about the most attended soccer matches in the United States, the MLS falls down the list by many names.

Highest Attended Soccer Matches in U.S. History

The highest crowd reported for an MLS match, was not part of an exhibition nor any part of the doubleheader, in fact, it was the Atlanta United’s 2-0 win against the Portland Timbers in the 2018 MLS Cup.

Highest Attended Soccer Matches in U.S. History

Another record holding match was the one between Brazil and France, a meaningful competition conducted in the U.S in 1984. It was witnessed by a crowd of 101,254 people at the Rose Bowl.

Some other important statistics are listed below –


This was the Manchester United vs Real Madrid game, of the 2014 International Champions Cup (ICC). Holds the record for the highest attended soccer game, which was organized at the Michigan Stadium.


Again a Real Madrid game, but this game was played against Chelsea during the 2016 ICC game. This was even played at the Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor like the previous soccer game.


The third match on the list is this one witness by a crowd of almost 102,000 people. The match was played between France and Brazil, it was the 1984 Olympics Gold Medal Match organized at the Rose Bowl, California.


It was the Liverpool and Manchester United match, played in the 2018 ICC series. Even this iconic match was organized at the Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor in Michigan.


The fifth place holder match is none other than Yugoslavia vs Italy during their 1984 Bronze Medal Match in Olympics. It was held at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California.

So, have you been to any of these iconic matches or been a witness to a similar awesome match? Share in your stories in the comments below.

What’s this new Plane Meditation Technique? [Know it Here!]

Today we are going to check out about the Plane Meditation. Okay, it’s pretty understandable that this technique is a meditation therapy that you perform while you are on the plane.

It does sound insane to me, but is it really good for you?

Haha, and should you try it on your next trip?

Meditation Or Entertainment

What’s this new Plane Meditation Technique?

Some of you might hate traveling in planes, and how do you guys kill time in there?

By pretending to be asleep, do your official work, or simply watch an entire movie or TV Series!

Halloo Netflix!

But what if say that you can also do another thing which is equally and more peaceful. Yes, meditation is the answer.

If I had the choice to opt between meditation and entertainment, I would definitely go with the entertainment. Like who really wants all peaceful and quiet while up in the air!

But you can try out something new this time, by choosing the meditation. I tried it, and it went really good!

Airplane Meditation

So, how does the Plane Meditation work?

Make sure that you have started off the process before taking the seat on the plane. Many airports have dedicated yoga rooms for the people who are facing pre-flight nervousness. You can choose that room, and get some benefit and peace for a while.

The second tip that you can try is Focussing on your breathing. No matter where you can stand, try inhaling and exhaling long breaths and try it for about 8 times. You will find yourself calmer than before.

The third point to note is the Posture. Take a comfortable position, make sure that there is nothing blocking in between your feet. Keep some space between both the feet, and you could also remove out your shoes and relax. Get the best comfortable position before the plane takes off.

The fourth step will be to close your eyes, and repeat a few positive sentences like ‘I am safe’, ‘I am calm’, and ‘I am at ease’. You can choose any of them or even create your own. Keep on repeating the sentences for 10 to 15 minutes, and feel the difference.

That’s how you meditate on a Plane! You can also install a meditation app on your phone and follow the instructions as given on it.

Effects of dance and music on child development

The early methods of talking evolved into today’s complex languages. People of different region invented different languages. Poems, songs, dance-forms, traditions, beliefs, etc. all developed after this.

Even today singing and dancing have kept us together. From an early age, we learn to recognize rhythm, pattern, movements, etc. Young children get attracted to soothing sounds. They also learn to imitate dance moves by just watching.

Dance and Music on Child Development

what are the long-term effects of songs and dance on a child?
Do you know how these activities impact you and your child?
How do singing and dancing affect a child’s life?

To answer these questions let us go through a list of facts related to singing and dancing:

  1. Brain development:

    Young children do not have a fully developed brain. Their brains are still learning about how the universe works. Most children develop the ability to differentiate faces, emotions, and body signs by 7 months. Hence, soothing music can be helpful to develop a healthy mind.

    Dancing is a part of the physical exercise, by which a baby needs to strengthen his/her weak body. Dancing is a frolic activity. Children enjoy it more when joined by a parent. So, singing and dancing can be an opportunity, not only for the mental health of baby but also for bonding purpose.

  2. Problem-solving capabilities:

    Small babies are curious about their surroundings. Songs and dances can help them grasp the environment in a better way. The classic A,B,C,D song is a good example. While listening to it, a baby can enjoy and also learn. This way, problem-solving abilities can be developed in a child. Ultimately, it has benefits of music in child education.

  3. Development of a bold personality:Personality Development

    The musical wizard, Mozart had started performing publicly by the age of 6. This shows that his interest in music taught him to present himself without fear.

    Likewise, even today it is known that singing and dancing are able to remove stage fear from children. Regularly listening and practicing recreational activities can help children to become responsible adults.

  4. The health benefits:

    Apart from mental health, singing, and dancing help to maintain a healthy body. Singing is a good cardiovascular exercise. The repetition of syllable “Om” is known to keep many respiratory illnesses at bay. While dancing is beneficial for muscular activities. A sharp mind with an agile body is everything a child needs, to stay away from obesity and other diseases.

  5. Career option:

    Now singing and dancing are not competitive traditionally. It is simply something which humans have been doing for centuries. In today’s world, exceptional singer and dancers can find fame. They can become a youth icon to shape our future. Now we also know that not everyone will be able to taste that success. Yet, a child can take up a career in these fields. It is only possible if children get a healthy exposure to these activities by their parents.

Songs and dances have so many effects on your child. Which was the last song you and your child sang together? Comment below and Share with your children and relatives.

Top Rated Litter Box of 2018 – Automatic and Self Cleaning

Taking care of the pets is not so easy. You need to have some smart gadgets to look after your pets better. Among the several other tasks, managing with the litter box is one of the most important tasks. Cleaning litter box regularly and disposing of without compromising on the health of the pet is an essential task for an owner.

There is various Automatic or self-cleaning litter box available in the market that allows you to do your work easily and perfectly. Further, choosing a litter box requires your knowledge about the specifications and features of the box.How to Choose the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box For Your Cat

How to Choose The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

As we have discussed that choosing a cat litter box requires your knowledge about the specifications and features of the Cat Litter Box. Also, the size of the litter that matches the body of your cat. Following things, you need to take into the consideration to choose the best Automatic Cat Litter Box.

Size of the Litter Box: The size of the automatic litter box is acceptable according to the space you have, the age and size of your cat. If you want to buy a portable cat litter box, you may need a smaller, more compact one.

Ease of Use and Hygiene: The best cat litter box is one that provides you a hygienic solution and bears the unpleasant smell of the litter box. Make sure that the disposal is made quickly and you don’t have to see the litter.

Pet Preferences: You will have to make sure that whether your Pet loves the litter box you have chosen. You can observe your pet’s habit and sees if it likes an open or close space to use.

The Mechanism: You have to observe that which mechanism would work better for you and you don’t have to scoop the litter out. It needs to dispose of with the specific mechanism. You have to choose the mechanism that facilitates easy disposal and quick action to keep your house free from odor.Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

This litter is suitable for those who have cats that move quickly out of the litter box right after they relieve. It has a full lid that keeps the littered sand from getting out and spreading all over the house. One of the major advantages of Omega Paw Roll n Self Cleaning the Litter box is that it doesn’t use electricity.

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It consists of the mechanism that rolls the litter box a few times so that the clumped up sands may get trapped in a special screen on its lid. By removing the tray would allow you to get rid of the poop. Most of the cat chew through the power cords and get jolted.


  • There is no any weight limit, so large cat households and even multi feline household.
  • It doesn’t require electricity. So, the cat does not have to experience shocks.
  • Full Lid helps your cat feel secure in its privacy when doing its work.


  • It works with clumping cat litter.
  • Requires some learning to get it to work properly.PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

This Litter Box also falls on the list of automatic cleaning litter box. It works with a rotating disc. It uses the rake mechanism that makes it unique. Further, it gets rid of odor more effectively than the clumping clay type. Also, it is safe to use.

You can further use disposable trays that make cleaning up even better and hassle-free. One tray could last up to 20 days or a bit more days. So, affordably accept it in the long run. The only thing you need to keep in order to more benefit from the crystal litter is to keep litter box away from the high humidity.

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  • The use of this tray includes a special mechanism that removes the odor.
  • It may not include lid but the elevated lid guarantees protection for your pet.
  • Crystal tray is more comfortable compared to clay litter.


  • The cartridges last for the long days than shown in the advertisement.
  • Poop can get stuck sometimes to its rake.

There are several other top-rated litter boxes of 2018 which you can prefer for your pet. Also, you can get more information related to this post from our website Jonathan Jeremiah.

Thermostat Buying Guide – Do’s and Don’ts before buying

A thermostat is a money saving gadgets for your home with almost all the specifications. It reduces the heating bills by conserving the energy. It is an electronic device that is mounted on the wall and maintains the heating or cooling of homes. There are various terms you will come across that relate to what type of cooling or heating system your thermostat will work with.

Single and two stage are the most common. For a heating purpose, you need to have three stage support. When there are multiple stage furnaces then there will be more than one level of heat output allowing for more efficiency. In this article, we are going to discuss Thermostat Buying Guide.Thermostat Buying Guide Do and Don't before Buying

Thermostat Buying Guide – Do’s and Don’ts before Buying

We know that you are wondering for the best possible guide for buying of the Thermostat. Here, we are going to list out all the information you need during buying Thermostat.

Current System: There is usually only one room for one heating and one cooling system to work with multiple stages. But there are models of thermostat that can work with four and three cool functions. Further, if your main heating source doesn’t support two stage heating then some thermostats allow you to set additional heat source as the second stage. Single and two stage are the most common.

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If you have a system that includes air conditioning, a hot air system, and baseboard heat then this is a two heat and one cool system. And you could set your baseboard as the first stage and your hot air system as the second stage. Don’t forget that backup heat is an additional heat source. Therefore, you need to buy a thermostat that supports three heat sources and one cool.

Programming Needs: Thermostat will work with the HVAC system and it is essential to take consideration of programming needs. For this, you need to start evaluating your living situation. It does not require any programme. You simply press a button to heat or cool and select the temperature you would like. This type of thermostat is suitable for the people who are at home and they don’t want to reach the temperature to a certain level.

There are several other models of a thermostat in the market that will fit according to your schedule. Further, some models will allow you to set the same program from Monday to Friday or set different program when at home on weekend.

Energy Saving: Energy saving thermostat will cost high for anyone who is looking for a new thermostat. When you find thermostat on the website most of them don’t take energy saving into consideration. A programmable thermostat, or even better, a model that learns your schedule can really help you save money. The advanced models will prepare reports and show you list for energy saving and utilization.

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Remote Access: Wireless thermostat will give you greater freedom to adjust your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system when you are not at home. You need to have a WiFi connection when initially installing the thermostat. Also, when you need to change the settings. With the help of Wi-Fi thermostat, you simply need to log into the application associated with the model I have.

That’s all about the guide to Thermostat Buying. It is right that a wireless thermostat will cost you more to buy initially. However, but when you think about that it saves 20% on your energy bills then you will opt for it. Further, you can also get more information related to this post from our website Jonathan Jeremiah.

Arlo Pro Review – Best Rechargeable Wireless Security Camera

Arlo Pro is Netgear’s high end, weatherproof, and wireless camera. It requires a minimum expenditure of three hundred euro for a single camera and a base station. Once it is set up then it is easy to use for your home security. The device is certainly expensive if you own large property and you want to keep an eye on outdoors then it is brilliant.

Arlo Pro comes with a cloud storage plan that records seven days of recordings up to five cameras. It consists of a long-lasting rechargeable battery, wireless mounting options, and a cloud storage free for one week. Setting up things is very simple as loading the rechargeable batteries into each camera, connecting the base station, and syncing the cameras to the base with the Arlo App.Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

The main feature of Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera is that you can install it anywhere either indoor or in outdoors without any worry to drill a hole in your wall. The bottom part of the camera allows you sit on any horizontal surface.

Setup and Usage

Unlike other security cameras that connect to your internet connection, the Arlo Pro should be connected to the nearest base station. The process is a bit lengthy. You need to plug Arlo Pro hub into the router with the ethernet cable connection, then press the sync button. Lastly, press the sync button present on the camera.

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Once you watch the live camera feed through the mobile application then you will know the set is complete. Arlo Pro records for 24/7 and It comes with four predefined motion detection modes that can be selected in the Arlo Application.


Testing includes two camera kit that comes with Netgear base station. This connects directly to your router through the ethernet cable and serves as both a dedicated extender and a private camera network. According to Netgear, the camera talk to the station through the wireless connection that can use only when the connection made is within 300 feet.

Further, setting up things are easy like loading the rechargeable battery into each camera. Then, connect to the base station, and sync the cameras to the base with the Arlo App. The Kit comes with two mountings plates and it is fixed on the wall with the horizontal position. Adjust the position of the camera after the installation.Features of Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

Features of Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

The manufacturers of Arlo Pro is producing an ideal piece of security cameras with ultra-advanced features that can prove out to be a great use. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best features of this wireless camera.

  • It is wireless. So, you can install it anywhere without the worry of wire extension.
  • Arlo Pro is Weather Proof so that it is safe to place outside.
  • It is a rechargeable device with cloud storage support.
  • Arlo Pro provides Cloud storage feature to use free for one week.
  • This security camera is best for the household as well as professional purpose.
  • It lets you record the video in high quality.

Arlo Pro is an efficient device and it is useful for the people who want to keep an eye outside their house. It is recharging based equipment and needs charging after every 4 months. Further, you can get more information related to Arlo Pro camera from our website Jonathan Jeremiah.

6 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Ping Pong Table

Nowadays the modern office culture is recognized by Ping Pong Tables and this idea is being applied to the companies like Google and Facebook. You will be surprised to know that ten minutes of ping pong can improve your mental as well as physical health. In this post, we will discuss why your office needs a Ping Pong Table.

To stay in this competitive world, the companies need to strike a balance between work hard and play hard with the modern office design and fun working space. There is a number of ways to facilitate during downtimes such as playing video games, pinball machines, ping pong, and more.6 Reasons Why our Office Needs Ping Pong Table

6 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Ping Pong Table

On this topic, most of the people will think that it is waste of time and money. But the researcher has proved that how beneficial to have a Ping Pong Table in your office. Here, we are listing six reasons why your office needs a Ping Pong Table:

1It improves thinking and skills: Table Tennis entered the office space as early as the 1990s. This is because the Table Tennis is one of the few indoor game that promotes the thinking and also increases concentration, and alertness. Ping Pong manufacturer say that just like video games it improves coordination of hand and eye.

The statement is said by the CEO of the British company. After 15 minutes of Table Tennis, employee return to work more engaged with sharper thinking. After completing timeout activities, employees come back to work after being tired leading to decrease in productivity.

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2. It is an office workout: Playing Ping Pong, improve muscles and joint movement. Further, it improves your leg, arm, and provides you strength. You can burn calories after the lunchtime. Only a few minutes of playing can keep the inactive employee away from the desks and distraction.

Playing a round of Table Tennis proves to keep your body fit. Sitting down on the chair is killing us and make us tired. Therefore employees need a break with an activity where they don’t have to sit down.

3. It helps you to guide your inner competitiveness: Nowadays there is lots of competition in the office and they have a tendency to destroy your vibe. So, you need to guide their competitive spirit in the good department by losing them on a Ping-Pong table. Tables are tough and hard than your average employee and it is much tough to break.

4. It helps to unite your team: Ping Pong is an indoor game that everyone can play and enjoy. Having Ping Pong at the workplace and encouraging people to play can work wonders for the productivity of the companies. Further, it helps to unite the co-workers, breaking the social barriers. Further, it creates a unique way of togetherness and allows you to see a different side of your teammates.

5. It’s a good way to use space for office: Take chairs and have your meeting around the table tennis table or even you can take lunch around it. You can transform your Table Tennis into breakout centerpiece or even you can convert it to a dining table on the lunchtime. You can use the space of your office in such a way.

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6. It is the good kind of distraction: Sitting continuously for hours makes us inactive and lazy. There are various ways to which you can chill out at work. Spending time on the Ping-Pong table is a good way to keep yourself from distraction. You will have some gossip with friends and it surely promotes the attention towards your office work.

We have discussed all the six reasons why you need to have a Ping Pong Table in your office. Further, for more details about this topic, you can visit our website, Jonathan Jeremiah.